Women’s Account

A. To whom the loan will be granted:
  • To working women, self-employed women, house-wives & College Students
B. Age profile of the borrower:
  • 21 years to 60 years
C. The women's loan a/c will be launched to assist women to do the following:  
  • Establish beauty parlour  
  • Establish food catering unit / food stall, for selling tiffin/lunch packets
  • Establish Child day care centre
  • For flower making business
  • To set up tuition classes
  • To purchase and ply autorickshaw
  • To set up gold & silver platted jewellery shop
  • For renovation of kitchen and to purchase kitchen utensils and furniture etc
  • Any other entrepreneurial venture which offer regular source of income
D. Purpose:
  • For purchase / construction of shop, purchase of tools, equipment, raw materials, tables, chairs, kitchen items, utensils, auto rickshaw and to meet day to day expenses to run their enterprise.
  • To get franchise from leading service providers
E. Nature of Loan:
  • Term Loan
  • Working Capital
F. Repayment Perion:
  • 12 to 24 months
G. Amount of Loan:
  • Minimum Rs 25,000 ; Maximum Rs 100,000
H. Collateral:
  • Hypothecation of equipment, furniture and fixture & infrastructure
I. Margin:
  • 15% of the Loan amount
J. Interest:
  • 14%
K. Guarantee:
  • Two more women with address proof, ID and income proof
  • Father / Brother / Husband to stand as guarantee
L. KYC Documents:
  • Address Proof
  • Photo ID
  • Educational Certificate in the name of borrower for starting professional business
  • Tax Returns for the past two years (of running business)

Salient features of Sarvo Shakti Women's Deposit Account: 

1.      Minimum balance in SB a/c to be reduced by 50%.
2.      Subject to availability, Safe Deposit locker facility to be offered on priority
3.      Charges on RTGS / NEFT & PO will be reduced by 25%.
4.      Preferential Interest Rates will be offered both on Deposits and Loans by 0.25%
5.      Facility will be provided to apply for Pan Card, in case the women customer does not have one.
6.      Free Personal Accident Cover will be provided for the first year
7.      Health Checkup at discounted rates will be arranged with leading diagnostic centers
8.      Processing fees on Gold Loans will be reduce by 50%.
9.      Free invitation will be extended to Investment and Insurance advisory sessions
10.    If required, a lady staff member will be assigned to serve such Women customers
11.    To the high school students of the Sarvo Shakti Women a/c holders, a career counselling session will be arranged once a year.